National Conference on Energy and Chemicals from Biomass (NCECB)

10-10-2019 and 11-10-2019


Call for Papers

Technical papers reporting original research, case studies, review papers are invited for oral presentation in the following topics:

  • ► Biomass resource assessment, types of biomass, properties, drying, briquetting,
  • ► Vegetable oil, transesterification, biodiesel,
  • ► Thermo-chemical processes- combustion, gasification, pyrolysis,
  • ► Bio-chemical processes-anaerobic digestion, fermentation,
  • ► Biohydrogen, syngas, Fischer Tropsch synthesis,
  • ► Phenolic compounds, sugars, solvents, oxy-chemicals,
  • ► Biorefining,
  • ► Manufacture of charcoal, activated carbon, electrode grade carbon,
  • ► Bioenergy conversion devices like furnaces, engines, turbines,
  • ► Machineries for biomass processing, etc.

Any other work, directly or indirectly connected with the above topics of the conference, will also be considered.
    The authors are requested to send an abstract not exceeding 2 pages as per the template ‘Template-abstract.docx’ by email to on or before 5-8-2019. After screening, the ‘Corresponding author’ will be intimated by email on 10-8-2019, if the abstract is selected. The author should then prepare the full length paper between 4 and 6 pages long following the AIP Publishing’s ethical standards as described at using their template available at and submit the same by email to on or before 31-8-2019. The templates for the preparation of (i) abstract and (ii) full paper and the file containing the author guidelines are also available under ‘Downloads’ of this webpage. The paper will be peer-reviewed and the reviewer’s comments will be passed on to the ‘Corresponding author’ on or before 15-9-2019 for implementation in the final paper. The final camera-ready paper between 4 and 6 pages long and prepared following the AIP Publishing’s guidelines should be submitted along with a signed copy of ‘License to Publish Agreement’ by email to on or before 25-9-2019. The license is also available under ‘Downloads’ of this webpage.